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Waterproof Plastic Changing Room Lockers

Our range of Ultrabox Plus plastic storage lockers are perfectly suited to provide secure lockable storage within wet area changing rooms such as sports clubs and gyms. Our range of Ultrabox plus lockers offers fully waterproof storage for area's where the lockers  come into direct contact with water or where the goods stored inside the locker need to kept completely waterproof. Chose from a wide range of door options together with a choice of locks as well as door colours. These changing room lockers are extremely tough and robust and come with an impressive ten year guarantee. Made from rigid Polyethylene and heavy duty hinges make this wet area locker vandal and graffiti resistant. Locks can be supplied that are also waterproof or specially resistant to Chlorine (please contact us if your locker is to be located within a swimming pool environment and you need this special Chlorine lock).