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The way we work is changing with the increase in hot desking or agile working environments and with these changes comes the need for a flexible and intelligent storage system using smart lockers. It's time to leave the conventional locker key behind and embrace Smart Lockers which can work with your existing card key access system to allow keyless entry for your staff into your chosen storage lockers.
As a business owner you can track who or when a member of staff had access to a specific locker. This could be to keep track of expensive items being stored within the lockers and find out who accessed the locker and at what time. You may have equipment in the lockers that you only want certain individuals to have access too. However and whatever data you need to collect on the use of your storage lockers then our Smart Lockers are the product for you. We work in conjunction with the locker manufacturer and Becode the manufacturers of the high tech smart locks to bring you flexible storage solutions.
BeCode offer many different software options as well as bespoke software packages that will be created for your specific needs. Let Elockers help you make the most of your available space as well as making the lockers easily accessibly with what ever type of interface you require.
Access to our
hot desk lockers couldn't be easier. Most users access their lockers via a card access key (usually the same access key they use for door / building access key card). For the simplest of access the user simply swipes their access card / ID card against the BECode smart lock which opens the locker if the door is already closed and then shuts the door, twists the lock and another swipe with the card the door is locked and only their access key card will open that particular locker door. This is the most simple way of operating smart lockers.
Management of the smart locker system can be accessed using the BeCode AIR Administrator app on your phone. This  gives convenient and easy management of the locking system via the app - even if the card is lost. The access authorizations can be assigned, expanded or cancelled via this AIR Administration app.