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Smart Lockers From Elockers

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£ 808.93
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All our Smart Locker Systems are bespoke to a customers exact requirements. This means that they are unavailable to purchase online because we need more information to be able to give you the very best price based on the locker type and which smart lock option you need. Why not give us a call now on 01444 220290 and we would be pleased to either help you over the phone or to arrange a good time for us to meet up to see how we can help.
Our Smart Locker keyless entry storage systems are at home in many different environments including the Warehouse, Office, Hospital or sports changing facility. Choose from our huge selection of storage lockers which could include Hot Desk Lockers or Laptop Charging Lockers and then decide how you would want to control the access to your keyless entry storage. The majority of users of smart lockers use their standard ID / entry access card which can be programmed to give access to all or specific lockers. Access can also be gained via a keypad or terminal the choice is yours.
The system can be as demanding as you need it to be. We will adapt the system to your requirements if necessary