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Replacement Probe £1 Coin / Token Return Locks - Type H

Replacement Probe £1 Coin / Token Return Locks - Type H

(Code: CoinReturnLockTypeH£1)
£ 24.45
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Replacement Probe Type H £1 Coin / Token Return Locks
These replacement coin retain locks are only to be used on existing Probe locker doors that had already been fitted with the Type H locks.
Please Note: These can not be retro fitted to any other manufactures locker door except for Probe Lockers having been supplied with coin return / retain locks.These are replacement locks. Sold individually. 
These coin return locks are designed to be activated by using either a single £1 coin or a £1 token. All coins are returned to the user of the locker when the door is opened.
This COIN RETURN LOCK works both with the NEW £1 coin as well as the old £1 coin.


For help and assistance regarding our replacement Type H Coin Return Locks then please contact us on 01444 220290.