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Replacement Probe £1 Coin / Token Retain Locks - Type H

Replacement Probe £1 Coin / Token Retain Locks - Type H

(Code: CoinRetainLockTypeH£1)
£ 89.27
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Replacement Probe Type H £1 Coin / Token Retain Locks
These replacement coin retain locks are only to be used on existing Probe locker doors that had already been fitted with the Type H locks.
Please Note: These can not be retro fitted to any other manufactures locker door except for Probe Lockers having been supplied with coin retain locks.These are replacement locks. Sold individually. 
These coin retain locks are designed to be activated by using either a single £1 coin or a £1 token. All coins are retained within a secure steel box within the body of the lock which is only accessible by using a unique key.
Each time the locker is used it will charge the user a single £1 coin. 
This COIN RETAIN LOCK works with both the NEW £1 coin as well as the old round style £1 coin or token.


For help and assistance regarding our replacement Type H Coin Retain Locks then please contact us on 01444 220290.