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Quarto School Lockers

Quarto Lockers have been designed to offer cost effective and simple use storage lockers for the younger years pupils. They come in two sizes to give you some option of compartment sizing. They can be bolted together in either the height or next door to each other. Choose from a choice of lock option with the most common one being the simple swivel catch lock that needs no key and a student just twists the catch to gain access to the Quarto locker. As with all the school lockers we supply these come complete with an anti-bacterial coating covering the complete body and door. This provides up to 99.9% protection against E-coli and Salmonella bacteria an contact surfaces. I'm sure you would agree finding suitable sites to locate school lockers can be a struggle but these low level lockers could fit below window sills and in small storage area's where a normal full height locker wouldn't fit. Each Quarto door comes with an air vent and the option of adding a number plate if required. These lockers are manufactured here in the UK and delivered quickly to you using our own manufacturers delivery service. If you need any help or advice with regard to our huge range of School lockers then please feel free to call us on 01444 220290 and we will try our best to help.