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Probe One (1) Single Door Low Level Storage Lockers

(Code: 4812121212SS)
Locker Size (W x D) mm :
Body Colour :
Door Colour :
Lock Types
£ 77.27
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Probe single door low level steel storage lockers - 481212

Height: 1210mm
Width:  305mm
Depth: 305mm / 460mm
Single door
Lock Choice: Key lock / Swivel catch locks (use with padlocks)
Body Colour: White / Silver / Black
Door Colour:  White/ Silver / Black / Green / Yellow / Blue / Red / Black
Complete with top shelf and double coat hook

Do you need a secure storage locker but are restricted by your ceiling height? Then why not consider a single door low level steel storage locker at only 1210mm high. Each locker comes with a hand top shelf for bags or shoes and a double coat hook for hanging small items of clothing.

These small single door lockers come with a choice of two depths, either 305mm or 460mm deep. Purchase them as an individual unit or you can bolt these lockers together to create a bank of lockers for use with multiple users.

You have a choice of two different lock options or the low lockers can be used without a lock and be used with just a simple twist / swivel lock. Ideal for use in Nursery, Infant and Junior Schools. Where security is needed choose from either a standard key lock or if you want to use a padlock to secure your locker then choose a swivel catch lock (sometimes known as a 'Hasp & Staple' lock). 
These Probe low lockers have been designed and manufactured here in the UK from quality steel and comply with British standard locker certification.  During the manufacture the locker an Activecoat anti-bacterial coating is added which protects and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria commonly found on steel surfaces used by multiple users. This silver based coating has been proven to reduce levels of e-coli, MRSA and salmonella bacteria on contact surfaces of up to 99.9%. This protection has proved to be a huge benefit when installed within the education or healthcare sectors.  

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