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Office Staff Storage Lockers - Shelf Space

Office Staff Storage Lockers

Discover best storage lockers for your office staff in the UK

Choose the best Office Staff storage solutions: 

✔ Metal Office Staff Storage Lockers

They are classic full height office storage lockers that enable your staff and you to secure your files or anything else. You have the choice between several colours, lock options, sizes and door number.

Personal Effects Office Lockers

They are designed to protect personal effects from thieves such as mobile phone, portable computer, wallets, purses, bags, ... etc. Each compartment is robust and lockable. 

✔ Buzzbox Office Storage Lockers

Opt for design and choose the buzzbox locker. Its lockable satin-finished laminate doors are perfect for a modern office and will secure your files, computers or personnal effects. 

Office Lockers | Staff Lockers For Offices

Office Lockers | Staff Lockers For Offices

Full height office lockers offer secure staff storage with a choice of 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 8 door lockers. Choose from a huge range of sizes, colours and lock options for your office staff.
Hot Desk Lockers With Smart Keyless Access

Hot Desk Lockers With Smart Keyless Access

Our popular modern range of  'Hot Desk' storage lockers are a bright, durable satin finished heavy duty laminate door lockers which offer flexible storage for any modern office. Ideal for office staff to securely store their work, books, files or smart devices especially when using a 'clean desk policy. We can provide bespoke smart keyless locks to all our hot desk office lockers, this can be provided by various means including RFID locks.