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Laptop Charging Lockers For Schools

The use of Laptops and Ipad's within schools continues to grow and so does the need for secure storage and charging facilities within laptop charging lockers. Given the high cost of technology in education and the ever growing thefts of laptops and smart devices it is even more important to invest in the storage of such expensive items. Our laptop charging lockers provide the perfect solution of both security and safe charging of the devices whilst being stored. You have a choice in door configurations based on who needs access to the charging locker. If for example the teacher has access to the locker and not individual students then why not choose our single door option. This gives the teacher the ability to unlock just one door to provide access to all the charging stations within to a maximum of 15 charging compartments. Alternatively, If the student is responsible for their own laptop and have an individual lockable charging compartment then you could consider our 8, 10 or 15 door laptop charging locker. Up to 15 door with individual lockable charging compartments. These lockers can be bolted to a wall and / or floor and can be located within a locker area within a classroom or a specified tech storage area. Each laptop charging locker comes with just one simple 13amp plus that provides power to all the other charging points within the locker.