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Full Height School Lockers

We offer school lockers for any age students. The smaller lockers for the younger pupils and full height school lockers for the older and taller students. Having been a supplier of school lockers for many years now, I hope we understand what is needed from a senior school locker. These lockers are strong and rugged with door strengtheners built into every door. The door frame itself have been designed and strengthened to stop people being able to force open the door. We offer our school lockers in a multitude of door options from 1, 2 ,3 4, 5 & 6 door options. Choose what door locking system best meets your needs with either a regular key lock or a swivel catch lock which works with a padlock or maybe you might be interested in a combination type lock. We are able to offer master keys or additional keys with any of our school lockers at time of purchase. We are confident our prices are amongst the most economic available on the internet today but to give you even more confidence we also offer a 'Price Match' with any like for like high quality steel locker.