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Cube Lockers for Schools

 Ideal for individual pupil storage within Primary & Infant Schools. A cube locker provides a cost effective storage solution for the younger pupil who need somewhere that is easily accessible especially when the low level locker comes complete with a swivel catch lock. This requires the student to simply twist the catch for access to their belongings taking away the need to use a key or open a padlock. Where space is an issue then our range of cube lockers can be easily bolted together either side by side or one on top of the other. Chose from either a 300mm wide x 300mm deep x 300mm high, 380mm deep x 380mm wide x 380mm high or the largest cube locker that measuring 450mm wide x 450mm deep x 450mm high. Choose from a wide selection or bright colours that will look smart and modern within your school environment.  The anti-bacterial coating that comes a standard on all our school lockers provides effective against many forms of surface found bacteria. If you need your cube lockers Installing within your school then this can be arranged using our team of trained locker Installers.