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(Code: Probe Cube 1212SS)
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£ 45.99
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Probe Cube School Lockers 305mm x 305mm x 305mm (12''x12''x12'') Silver body with a silver door - 121212 Small low level school lockers

The cube school locker is an ideal solution for the ever changing challenge of pupil storage. These UK manufactured steel cube lockers offer storage for small items such as PE kit bags, books and equipment within a Nursery, Primary Schools, Junior schools & Infant schools. Lockers can be stacked  one on top of another or nested, side by side to make the square cube locker a very efficient and flexible school storage system.

Probe Cube Locker Specification

305mm wide x 305mm deep x 305mm high (12'' x 12'' x 12'')
Silver body with silver door
Choice of either a standard key lock or swivel catch lock (for use with or without padlock)
Part No: 121212

You have the opportunity to chose from a wide range of vibrant colours to brighten up any Junior school classroom or Primary school corridor.
Body Colour: White, Silver or Black
Door Colour: White, Silver, Black, Green, Yellow, Blue & Red

Cube school lockers come in three square sizes:
305mm high x 305mm wide x 305mm deep
380mm high x 380mm wide x 380mm deep
460mm high x 460mm wide x 460mm deep

All our cube school lockers come with a special anti-bacterial ActiveCoat powder coating as standard. This silver based coating has been proven to reduce levels of e-coli, MRSA and Salmonella bacteria on contact surfaces by up to 99.9%. This offers a huge advantage when dealing with the Education sectors.

Low school lockers come with a choice of locks but we generally supply these with just a swivel catch door mechanism. Enough to close and secure the locker door without the need of a key or padlock which makes these ideal for younger pupils within Nursery or Junior Schools. 

Help & Advice:
If you have any questions or need some advice on the cube school lockers then please feel free to give us a call on 01444 220290 or email us
[email protected]