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Mobile phone charging lockers offer secure charging and storage of your valuable mobile phone

30 Nov 2018
Mobile phone charging lockers offer secure charging and storage of your valuable mobile phone

A big problem for both employers and Individuals today is how you can provide safe, secure and easily accessible storage for staff or
customers who are looking to lock away their valuable mobile phone. Who wants to leave there expensive Iphone left in a sports bag or hidden under a towel when at the gym. It's not only sports clubs who need to lock away their customers valuables but schools, hospitals, events organisers and more. Let Elockers show you some of the many mobile phone lockers that are available within their Elockers online store. You can buy online at very competitive prices or you can request a site visit and one of our sales team will arrange a visit to discuss your precise needs for the secure storage and charging of mobile phones.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, colours and lock options when it comes to mobile phone lockers. Each lockable compartment comes with either a 13amp 3 pin plug or a 3 pin plug and a USB plug for easy charging of Iphones or Android devices.

Choose from the standard key or padlockable lock options or we maybe a digital combination lock. If you need to offer mobile charging facilities for the general public and don't want the trouble of issuing keys or padlocks then we can fit coin return or coin retain locks to certain charging lockers.
Feel free to CONTACT US  direct on 01444 220290 or take a look at our comprehensive range of charging phone lockers at : Charging Phone Lockers

Calling all gym owners who are looking for new gym lockers

29 Nov 2018
Calling all gym owners who are looking for new gym lockers
A call out to all gym owners big and small. Your gym members need secure storage of their personal belongings while they work out. Elockers can provide you with help and advice with regard to gym lockers, design of your locker layout. Just provide us with the size of the storage area you need to kit out with lockers and we will provide you with a drawing detailing the proposed locker layout and back this up with a very competitive quote. All our lockers come ready assembled and can be moved into your gym and ready to go extremely quickly. Choose from economical steel gym lockers or plastic vandal resistant / water resistant storage lockers or for the high end look we offer laminate door lockers to your own colour choice. What type of access do you want your members to have to get into the lockers. From basis key access, coin return / retain locks all the way through to combination or card access lockers.
For more information and details regarding our gym lockers, take a look at our Elockers site: https://www.elockers.co.uk/sports-gym-lockers-c102x3382959
For immediate help and assistance contact us now on 01444 220290 to arrange a quotation or a site visit.

Looking for new School Lockers?

20 Mar 2018
Looking for new School Lockers?

Are you looking to purchase new lockers for your school?

Schools. Colleges and Universities all around the UK start planning works due to be undertaken during the school summer holidays. These works could include the purchase and Installation of new school lockers. Well here at elockers we would be very happy to help with this planning by offering you a comprehensive selection of lockers for schools. We only offer high quality storage equipment and this is backed up by very competitively priced lockers.
Our range of lockers offer individual pupil storage for all schools. From Nursery Schools up to University student lockers and everything in between. Let us help take the hassle out of  planning and designing the best use of your available space. One of our sales engineers would be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs as well as measuring up your proposed storage space. We will then issue you with a detailed quotation and drawing to back up the completely FREE no obligation site visit.

The top 5 reasons why our storage lockers are Ideal for any schools:

* A range of heights and door configurations designed for different year groups

* Robust with replaceable doors to meet the unique durability challenge children provide

* Exclusive barrel change system meaning forgetting keys is not a valid excuse for late homework!

* Optional accessories to meet a school's particular environment (Sloping tops, Swivel catch instead of locks, Locker stands etc).

* Standard and custom colours available.

KS1 & KS2

Our lockers are popular in Primary Schools because we take several things into consideration. From the lower height for smaller students to swivel locks so they don't have to worry about lost keys we've thought of almost everything. Look on our website for more details - see our range of School Lockers

Here at Shelf Space Limited we here to help. Just get in contact and lets discuss your specific needs and challenges

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