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I've recieved my storage lockers but can't find the keys
    To reduce damage in transit the keys are removed form the doors prior to getting wrapped up for despatch. On receipt of your storage lockers, please place each individual locker on its side. You should find a single set of keys taped to the very bottom of the locker. If you have a single door locker then this one set of keys will open your single door. If your locker has multiple doors then a set of keys will still be fixed to the very bottom of the locker but this set of keys will open one of the multiple doors (usually the top compartment). Open this compartment and you should find the remaining keys in a bag taped to the inside. Open the bag and locate each set of keys into the various doors.
Any problems locating your keys then please contact our sales team for assistance CONTACT US or call us on 01444 220290