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lockers, cupboards, cloakroom equipment and workstations from elockers
Lockers from elockers, we offer a full and comprehensive range of steel storage lockers, cupboards, cloakroom equipment and workstations, all our products are available for purchase online. All items viewed within our site are manufactured within the UK and all come complete with Anti-Bacterial coating protection. You will see our prices are very competitive and all orders are delivered free of charge, with the majority of products available for quick delivery. If you don't find the product you are looking for or you have any specific questions on any of our product range, please contact us, we're here to help! CONTACT US NOW ON 01444 220290
LOCKERS & CHANGING ROOM EQUIPMENT- click on image to view our complete range A comprehensive range of steel storage lockers and cloakroom equipment with a superior finish designed and built to last. Ideal for schools, offices, factories, sports centres, gyms, locker rooms and changing rooms. Metric standard steel lockers, single, two, three, four, five and six tier / door (solid or perforated door) lockers. heavy duty lockers, school lockers, storage, plastic lockers, clean and dirty lockers, two person, nurses lockers, personal item lockers, laptop lockers, mobile phone storage lockers, crew lockers, garment dispensers, vision panel lockers, post lockers, cube lockers, three quarter height lockers, golf lockers, mini lockers, wooden door lockers, seating and benching, locker stands, sloping tops for lockers and locker accessories.
Cupboards - an economical range of storage cupboards offering secure storage, Slimline Cupboards makes optimum use of minimum floor space whilst offering secure storage. Hazardous substance storage cupboards epoxy powder coated in high visibility yellow. Large volume cupboards delivers spacious storage of larger items in the workplace with the security of 3 point locking. - Standard steel storage cupboards, Slimline Cupbaords, large volume cupbaords, hazardous substance storage cupboards, security cupboards and Insight cupboardsCUPBOARDS - click on image to view our complete range
INDUSTRIAL WORKSTATIONS - click on image to view our complete range Utility workstations - Combined secure storage unit with a sloping worksurface for use in stores, laboratories, warehouses, production lines, in fact anywhere. The range now features models which focus on specific needs of quality control departments and the widespread use of production and stock control purposes. All models feature reinforced doors with 3 point locking. Also available with the workstations are file holders, toolholder and Information station.
Computer workstations all feature a lockable double door cupboard together with a lockable keyboard shelf. The tops can either be flat or can incorporate a lockable monitor enclosure with a choice of design for either flat screen monitors or standard monitors.COMPUTER WORKSTATIONS - click on image to view our complete range

steel storage lockers for online purchasing includes two tier locker, crew storage locker, mini locker, single door locker, two door locker, three door locker, four door locker, five door locker, six door locker, standard slimline cupboards and large volume cupboards. Storage locker include changing room benching and seating, flat pack locker, school locker, gym locker, storage locker, laptop locker, mobile phone storage locker, office staff locker, factory locker, plastic locker, nurses storage locker, uniform locker, computer workstation, industrial locker, single tier locker, two tier locker, three tier locker, four tier locker, six tier locker, compartment lockers. Secure storage cupboards include slimline, large volume cupboards, hazardous substance cupboards, offering secure workplace storage. Our range of workstations include, utility, workstations, computer workstations and quality control workstations. Elockers offers free delivery on all orders throughout mainland UK.



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